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Slow Computer

Computer just geting slow over time. With added software, and other junk that can gets installed, it can bring your computer to a crawl. We can help you speed up your computers, as well as fix any problems you may be having.  We work on all types of computers, laptops, pc and macs. Drop it by today. If you have a question just simply click the chat button below.

Virus & Malware

Virus and Malware are a pain. You can have protection on your computer, but still end up with unwanted malware, ransomware, and virus etc. This not only slows your computer down, but can be dangerous if the wrong type gets on their. Stop it by the shop and we can clean it up for you. 

Wireless Setup

A lot of people complain about internet being slow, and sometimes it is. But other times it can just be a poorly setup wireless network. We can visit your home or office, and setup a wireless network that is rock solid. By the way if you internet is not as fast as you like, we now offer internet services as well. 

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