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Do to the COVID19 VIRUS, a lot more people are at home due to business and school closings. Everyone is wanting to get the latest updates etc, via their devices ie streaming, Facebook etc. This has and will put a strain on our network, and you may experience slower than normal speeds. Also kids may be required to do school work from home as well as adults. So we ask you to be mindful of your internet usage. For example and this happens at my house all the time. If your kid is streaming youtube videos, and suddenly decides to go out side and play, leaving ipad just streaming for hours on end , while not actually watching. Same thing for TV streaming. If you are not using the device please close the app, or power off. to ensure you are not using unneeded bandwidth, this will go a long way to insure everyone can use internet as needed during this time. Remember your internet service is unlimited and you can use all you want, just be mindful of your usage during this time, it will make a better experience for all.

Hope everyone weathers this storm, and it will pass in due time.


John Nixon

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