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​​Sorry about confusion on the last text. It was sent to all users, not directed to anyone specific. Just a reminder that we can not allow illegal content on our network. Some are streaming illegal content knowingly, and some may not be aware that they are. If you have a paid service such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc you can ignore that message. 


Devices that are commonly used for illegal content are:

Jail broken Fire Sticks


Basically if you are watching movies for free, they are more than likely a copyright valuation that can be heavily fined and will be passed on to you.  In order for us to monitor this more effectively we would have to add some software monitoring services, which ultimately would increase cost for everyone.  We obviously don't want to have to do this. So this is why we sent the message out. If we have users that continue to do so , that user will be banded from our services, for the greater good.

As well our text messaging software uses a random number, that we can't control, so please don't block it , or remove yourself from this list. As this is how we will notify you of important issues regarding our services.

You can also bookmark this url,  this is where we will update and posts important messages regarding internet services, such as outages and updates, etc.



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