Verizon Family Plan.  Unlimited Talk & Text.   4G LTE Data.  Please provide primary number below, then add other lines, to get your total. Select none for lines that are not needed. This will provide a payment to your account for the amount you select.  If the amount doesn't add up to  your actual plan amount, the plan will not renew. You can check your verizon app to get info on the exact plans for each phone if your not sure.  Unlimited Talk & Text - Unlimited 4G Always on data, throttles down after plan is reached. Unlimited Talk to Mexico & Canada

Family Unlimited Talk & Text Plan - 4G LTE Data

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    We have been a family owned business for over 30 years. We are committed to providing great customer service.  Cell phone service, computer repair, networking, and internet services are just a few of the electronic needs we can assist you with. Thank you to all customers who have and continue to support us throughout the years.